4 leading CPOs reveal how they are digitalizing procurement

MatthiasGutsmann.jpegBy Matthias Gutzmann, Founder, Digital Procurement World

Digital procurement transformation is no longer an option, it is a must. Ignoring it today will ultimately lead to a loss of procurement's influence in the organization. On a more positive note, early adopters in digital procurement are already benefiting from incremental cost savings, increased productivity, and substantial improvements in innovation, quality, speed, and risk management.

As a CPO, it is absolutely necessary to understand how digitally mature your procurement organization really is, how you compare to others, and the key steps to digital maturity.

Why CPOs should report directly to CEOs

Betina_Nygaard.jpgBy Betina Nygaard, CEO, SCANMARKET A/S

Short-term results like savings are here to stay, but Procurement is also responsible for longer term results like improving profitability, time-to-market, innovation and risk management. It is time to broaden both the way Procurement is judged and also its role within the reporting structure.

Improve contract compliance by thinking like sales...not procurement

Kelly_Barner.pngBy Kelly (McCarthy) Barner

Call us crazy but we reckon Procurement would be better off looking at the Contract Management process the same way sales does...

If you're anything like me as a procurement practitioner, you think of our end-to-end process in a linear fashion. It usually starts with spend analysis or some other source of information (budget, ERP, BI system output, etc.) and ends with Contract Management and/or Supplier Performance Management. For us, this is completely logical because the sub-processes that we view as the most "active" portions of procurement - strategic sourcing and negotiation - have been dealt with at this point.

In Contract Management and Supplier Performance there is something of a phased handoff back to the budget owners. After all, the spend we bring under management is rarely associated with a procurement need; we are often just temporary custodians of someone else's spend.

Thriving in the next normal: pivoting your SCM operations to growth

Jeff_Stiles_.jpgBy Jeff Stiles, VP, Product Marketing SCM, Oracle

Where are supply chains going today? I had a chance to hear some interesting perspectives on this question at a recent Oracle Live event, where I attended a session that looked at pivoting your SCM operations to growth. In light of recent events, this was a timely discussion, to say the least.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the last six months have been a trying and challenging time for everybody, and especially product companies - those organizations that run supply chains and manufacturing plants. The crisis has been a sea change for them, and they find themselves now at a crossroads.

Innovation is not about what you control, but what you can access: the procurement view

Bertrand_Maltaverne.jpegBy Bertrand Maltaverne

The secret sauce for innovation...

The secret sauce is secret because innovation itself and conditions that foster it are, both, quite complex topics that I will not dare to address in their entirety. However, the fact that innovation constitutes a competitive advantage and is a condition for survival is not a secret; many companies learned it the hard way. Therefore the motto "innovate or die" is, more than ever, a critical one. And, organizations are not "too big to fail." No organization is immune to the VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) world we live in.

5 tips to help prevent and control maverick spend

Georg_Roesch.jpgA little innovation never hurt anyone. But whilst Maverick Spend may cause us to re-evaluate our processes, it can wreak havoc and cause long-lasting damage. Georg Roesch, Senior Manager at JAGGAER, outlines five ways you can prevent it from happening and keep it under control.

Forget RPA: the future of procurement is autonomous

Sammeli_Sammalkorpi.jpgBy Sammeli Sammalkorpi, VP: Customers and Co-founder of procurement analytics solutions provider Sievo

Let's face it - procurement teams are not the first to hop on the latest technology trends and the industry has been historically slow to digitize daily workflows. But now, with more data being generated in the last two years than in the history of mankind, procurement teams are starting to realize not only the benefits and competitive advantage that new technology can bring, but also that it is nearly impossible to manage the abundance of new data sets without it. For example, leveraging AI and machine learning to integrate this new data into procurement analytics strategies can equip organizations to dynamically understand spending, predict future outcomes and measure the trade-offs of various sourcing decisions.

Global GDP: How large is public procurement?

BosioDjankov.pngBy Erica Bosio (Program Manager of the Growth Analytics, Development Economics Vice Presidency at the World Bank) and Simeon Djankov (Director, World Development Report 2019)

Public procurement -- the process by which governments purchase goods, services and works from the private sector -- amounted to $11 trillion out of global GDP of nearly $90 trillion in 2018. In other words, 12 percent of global GDP is spent following procurement regulation.

PMI push eases in November - manufacturing recovering, but needs greater demand

PMI_Dec2020.jpgThe Absa Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) declined to 52.6 index points in November from the solid 60.9 points recorded in October. The decline comes after three consecutive upward moves and brings the index to the lowest level since July 2020.

While still signalling an improvement in business conditions, the drop suggests that the manufacturing sector's recovery is starting to lose momentum. This was to be expected as output levels for many subsectors are nearing pre-pandemic levels and will need sustained growth in demand to fuel a further output expansion, noted the Bureau for Economic Research (BER) in statement.

Procurement: You can't do it alone!

Gordon_Reid_100.jpgBy Gordon Reid, Lead - Transparent Procurement Advisory Programme

One of the first things that I learned when I started my unplanned career in Procurement is that you cannot do it alone. Besides the team that you work with, you also need support and buy-in from people across all departments of the organisation for Procurement to make a real impact on the business.

Each organisation will be different but, based on my experience, here are seven departments in an organisation where I believe it is essential for Procurement to have a strong working relationship with key individuals.

Procurement perspectives: leadership in procurement is vital to organisations

StephenBauld_100.jpgBy Stephen Bauld

The COVID-19 pandemic looks like it is entering the next phase. We could be looking at a long time before we get back to the new normal and leadership in procurement will help to shape the wellbeing of organisations moving forward.

The argument that organisations need to begin now to train their next generation of leaders is not intended to suggest that a programme of study will produce leaders that are great. Although it can be stated with some confidence that the systematic study of leadership will produce leaders who are better than they would be without it, great leadership is a very difficult thing.



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