5 reasons why you should engage with a supply chain coach

At early stages of my career and even now I have tried to utilise every chance I get to interact with senior managers, learn from their experiences. And get hands-on support from them where possible and use them as my supply chain coach.

No matter whether your supply chain career is at beginners level, a career change, executive, operational or senior management, you are the owner of your career’s future and ultimately responsible for its direction and success, says Chris Gardner of Gardner Rich LLC and ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ fame.

So what defines career coaching?

It is advice and counsel from leaders who are more senior, who are willing to share their insight and experiences, and give you career guidance and growth tips

This has helped me master my current role, gain better understanding of their way of thinking and use this knowledge to plan my career.

Here are some potential reasons why you should engage with a supply chain coach to achieve the career you really want:

1. Career plan not fully executed

It is superb that you have a career plan, but for some reason you have not been able to execute it. Having a supply chain coach can help you realise a more skills required to achieve your goals. If you are stuck and undecided about what your next move should be, you have not clearly communicated your career plans to those who should be aware.

2. Having a career plan

Let’s face it, there are a myriad of career choices within supply chain and logistics, and it can take time to find ‘where you fit and where your passion lies’. A supply chain coach can guide you to making better decisions concerning your career. The quicker you find what is best for your career, the faster you will be able to develop and achieve your set goals. A career plan does not necessarily mean a corporate ladder to the top. It is simply a plan that shows how to achieve what you want from your career.

3. Improving your competitiveness

You need to be the full package to succeed in your supply chain career. Getting a supply chain coach to dress you for success ready to capitalise on opportunities or further build your expertise, utilise your strengths and address your developmental areas is the way to go. This could mean having an excellent, effective and suitable resume that is up to date owed to your rapid expertise progression.

You should also try to engage a supply chain coach on technical supply chain topics to improve your supply chain competencies, learn about supply chain strategies and ask them which books to read.

4. Learn to operate better

It is not just about technical expertise. How well do you know yourself? It is critically important to be aware of your strengths but especially areas that need development. How you view the world, work with others, make decisions and solve problems can all be improved with the help of a supply chain coach. Dealing with stress, gathering information and approaching conflict all have a direct impact on your ability to operate better and achieve your set goals.

5. Understating your expertise

There are many supply chain and logistics skill sets that are required at expert levels to establish world-class operations. You will need at least some of these skills at expert level to boost your career. But without identifying and understanding what they all are and the level of your expertise within each skill set, you are most likely underselling yourself when opportunities arise, thus the need of a supply chain coach.

Any gaps in expertise can be addressed through receiving quality coaching.

What do you have to do next with your supply chain coach?

First identify your supply chain coach/mentor and then set up goals for the coaching/mentoring relationship. Identify specific areas that you would like help on, listen effectively and accept feedback. Follow through on tasks, agreements, commitment and, lastly, drive the relationship and show initiative.

In conclusion, having a supply chain coach can help you understand yourself better, identify your strengths, identify areas requiring further improvement and career types most suited to you. It is time to get seriously competitive and give your personal brand a large boost in the right direction. Let a supply chain coach reignite the fire in you and get you the supply chain career you really want.
Leverage the expertise of your senior managers by extending their leadership style to specifically develop others and build skills and competencies.

This article first appeared on muddassirism.com

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