BEE scorecard calculations are complex, however organisations striving to transform cannot wait for an official BEE verification to measure their progress.

Transformation consultants Africandi offers a new BEE scorecard calculator for phone, laptop or tablet that anyone can use, even those who have no knowledge of BEE scorecard calculations.

The app assists to calculate your BEE score before going for verification, said Vivesha Annoop, Compliance Manager at AQRate.

 The tool is simple to use and  the annual fee is less than the cost of sending someone for training to doing BEE calculations internally, noted Annoop.

Africandi worked closely with software developers who had no knowledge of BEE whatsoever to ensure that the app is as user friendly as possible.

After a series of prompts, the system determines if the medium or large enterprise scorecard applies. The user then adds the companies or institutions and the scorecard elements become available to them and they can choose which element they wish to work on.

Users can set up three scorecards per year, but can make changes to those score cards within the entire year, noted Annoop.

The calculator is available via or app stores. A 14-day trial period is available to evaluate.

"The score given by the app does not replace an official verification certificate," says Annoop