CEC acquires local World Class procurement training provider

Commerce Edge, a provider of World Class Procurement training solutions, has sold a majority stake in its South African business to CEC (Cutting Edge Commerce), a leading BEE supplier of Procurement information, analysis and consulting services…

“The deal improves Seta Accredited Commerce Edge’s BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) rating (the company is now a level 4 contributor to BEE) and adds new capabilities and products to its existing training product range both locally and internationally,” van Niekerk told Smart Procurement.

Faster Results from training
“The challenge in the World Class procurement training game is to ensure that trainees are able to quickly implement new practices and techniques learnt during training,” Bernie van Niekerk, CEO of Commerce Edge, told Smart Procurement.

At the moment we utilise case studies and simulation to transfer the World Class Procurement theory. Our tie up with CEC enables us to train delegates on their organisation’s actual data and information. A trainee will be able to compare the leading practices that he/her just learned about to “What is actually happening in our organisation.” It is now possible to track the effectiveness of the training intervention.

Althaf Emamalli, a director at CEC, says “The sweet spot in combining CEC’s solutions with Commerce Edge, is that we can now reduce the time that it takes for companies to:a. Identify area for improvement and
b. Rapidly addressing these areas through “action re-engineering” a form of training and facilitation that fast tracks change.
c.Track procurement performance

Speedy Reports
CEC can provide reports and analyses of the procurement / supply chain environment within a fraction of the time that it normally takes to get this information. “Especially in complex procurement environments where the investments required getting proper information are hampered by high cost and long lead times.”
“For example”, van Niekerk says, “we train people on concepts such as strategic sourcing, world class contract management and supplier performance management.” Now delegates would be able to compare these World-Class practices to
1. Actual Supplier Performance
2. Commodity performance across the organisation
3. Compliance to contracts / actual spend on contract
4. BEE compliance within the supplier base.

And hundreds more predefined reports that would usually take months to create, can now be produced within extremely short time frames”

Johan Grimbeek, CEO of CEC says “For our existing clients, our tie up with Commerce Edge, provides additional benefits.” With Commerce Edge’s competency management solution, combined with CEC supply chain information services, Procurement Leaders can pinpoint staff development opportunities and track whether people have “actually” been able to improve their skills.

Bernie van Niekerk of Commerce Edge can be contacted on 082 8887 082

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