CIPS Study Centre Commerce Edge Academy launches SCM faculty at The Da Vinci Institute

The collaboration will make it possible for students of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) studying through its international study centre Commerce Edge Academy, to further their qualification with a B.Com through The Da Vinci Institute.

In its capacity as CIPS Study Centre, Commerce Edge Academy, a division of Commerce Edge South Africa, a member of the IMPERIAL Group, will run the Supply Chain Management (SCM) faculty of The Da Vinci Institute.

Through its unique tutorial-based and online-tutor blended-learning system, Commerce Edge Academy will offer the CIPS qualification, which is recognised by The Da Vinci Institute as the professional portion of its B.Com Supply Chain Management. The Da Vinci Institute will continue to deliver the business management and commercial subjects of its B.Com degree.

Commerce Edge Academy students will complete both the CIPS content (professional subjects) and university content (business subjects). The student then receives the international CIPS qualification at each level and a B.Com degree in SCM, based on The Da Vinci Institute’s recognition of the CIPS content as the professional content for this qualification.

Supply Chain Management is a competence increasingly required to successfully lead organisations. “The collaboration of Commerce Edge Academy, CIPS and The Da Vinci Institute will empower leaders with the competence to take their organisations to greater success”, said Prof. Bennie Anderson of The Da Vinci Institute.

The collaboration with The Da Vinci Institute is important for expanding skills levels in industry, said Dr Ernst van Biljon, Head of Commerce Edge Academy. “It will give rise to stronger, broader and more commercial skills for the SCM industry as students will attain a local university qualification on top of an international qualification – creating individuals with professional and business competence.”

Furthermore, the expansion of the CIPS qualification is important for all students as it affords them even greater recognition, said Carin Stoltz-Urban, CIPS Africa Head of Professional Development and Education.

“The CIPS qualification is internationally held in high esteem, but it is relatively new to South Africa. Holders of CIPS qualifications encounter organisations unfamiliar with the CIPS qualification, which are looking for a traditional tertiary qualification in job candidates. This collaboration solves the need for ‘a degree’, expressed by some CIPS students, without CIPS students having to attend a separate university,” said Stoltz-Urban. This will also afford CIPS students access to The Da Vinci Institute’s Masters and PhD degrees.

Commerce Edge is a SCM education and training organisation that continually develops the SCM competence of its students and the professionals who attend its various training programmes. “By creating an opportunity for CIPS students to take their qualifications to a higher level Commerce Edge is building on its promise of creating truly competent SCM professionals”, said Dr van Biljon.

The collaboration with The Da Vinci Institute affords the Commerce Edge / CIPS programme accreditation with the Council for Higher Education.

Commerce Edge Academy CIPS students who do not enrol for the B.Com degree will receive a CIPS qualification recognised and accredited by The Da Vinci Institute and certified by CIPS.

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