IMG_6530.jpgWhat can can delegates expect from th  from 3rd Annual Smart Procurement World Western Cape conference being held from March 1-3 2016? Mediacy Mudekwa, SmartProcurementWorld Content Manager, tells us that:  "The summit will deliver big ideas regarding the function of procurement as a strategic partner to the organisation, what is the value that procurement can add? How can one actually quantify the value? Understanding these issues is critical in order to adapt newer models of operations and deliver finer procurement and supply chain innovations compactible with organisational goals and policies. 


Mudekwa shares some of the activities delegates and visitors to the event can participate in:

• Understand METOO – Markets, Ethics, Transparency, Optionality and Organisational alignment in procurement and greater supply chain


• Gain inspiration from the best- Our keynote speakers are recognised as industry thought leaders. They will share real-life practical experiences and a wealth of procurement transformation strategies enabling you to take away ideas that apply to your unique procurement teams


• Alignment: Procurement’s strategic function has been blended together with legislation that require you to align and integrate them with the business strategy. How do you successfully merge compliance and strategy merge to enhance your bottom line?


• Plan Ahead: The volatility of the business world calls for every procurement professional to examine procurement trends and identify best-practice processes that can be implemented in organisations. How well do you know the road ahead?


• Learn innovative tactics- hear new insights for tackling the persistent ethical and integrity concerns in procurement through effective transparent monitoring systems, compliance and supplier management

Make invaluable connections- This event represented a unique opportunity to meet some of the greatest minds in procurement. The event presented an opportunityt: tap into a network of active, successful, procurement-obsessed executives.