Focused skills development critical for 2010 and beyond

The need for focused skills development that enables South Africa to increase its competitiveness is critical, Deon Greyling, managing director of BTS South Africa, tells SmartProcurement.

However, organizations need to invest not only in the development of skills in general, but the skills that develop their specific competitive advantage in the South African and global marketplace, says Greyling.

“History shows that those organisations that invested in their people during the tough times recovered faster and grew more profitably than those that adopted ‘survival’ tactics,” he says.

The annual Association for Operations Management of Southern Africa (SAPICS) Conference provides the African supply chain community with an unrivalled opportunity for focused skills development, says Greyling.

BTS SA is sponsoring the SAPICS Conference for the second consecutive year.

“BTS continues to sponsor the conference to reinforce its belief that despite tough and challenging economic times, organisations must continue to invest in their people; building stronger, more competitive organisations,” says Greyling.

This year’s SAPICS Conference and Exhibition takes place shortly after the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with the theme, “The Beat Goes On”, which refers to the need for the African supply chain profession to maintain momentum, even after the excitement of this event has subsided.

The conference will provide companies and individuals with the skills and knowledge to help them reap the benefits of the World Cup way beyond 2010, he says.

“The 2010 FIFA World Cup has catapulted South Africa onto centre stage. Companies need to make sure that the benefits of the World Cup are not only felt during 2010, but in the years beyond. They need to use focused skills development opportunities, like those provided by the SAPICS Conference, to keep the rhythm of success and introduce a new level of prosperity – making South Africa an attractive place to which to be invited, to invest and invent in,” says Greyling

The 2010 SAPICS Conference and Exhibition takes place at Sun City from 25 to 27 July 2010 (inclusive). It will once again be held in collaboration with the Supply Chain Council.

For further information, or to register for the event, please contact Cynthia at the Conference Secretariat at Up-to the-minute information is continuously posted on the SAPICS Website at


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