Ghanaian parliament approves procurement bill

A proposed law to modernise public procurement in Ghana, bringing it closer in line with international best practice, is one step closer to becoming a reality.


The Public Procurement Amendment Bill 2015 was passed by the country’s parliament and now needs to be signed by Ghana president John Dramani Mahama to bring it into force.

The bill introduces sustainable public procurement framework-contracting and electronic procurement in Ghana. It would also bring about a more transparent and accountable procurement system, the country’s government said.


Ghana’s government said that the Public Procurement Act 2003, which would be amended as part of the new bill, was introduced to ensure good governance and improve public financial management in Ghana.

“However, after nine years of implementation, the Act has exposed some administrative bottlenecks, delays and imbalances in the procurement structure,” the statement added.

Furthermore, by allowing decentralised public procurement, the bill will address existing weaknesses in the current Public Procurement Act, it added.
Provisions which will improve the fair treatment of suppliers and contractors have also been included.

In December Ghanaian newspapers announced the Ghana National Procurement Agency would be merged with the Ghana Supply Company Limited (GSCL) to create a new organisation with sole responsibility for procuring goods, services and contracts for the government.

According to reports, the merged Ghana Procurement Services Agency was intended to help reduce corruption and bribery in government agencies and departments.

This article first appeared on Supply Management

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