New CIPS procurement training courses launched in SA

Commerce Edge, a SETA (Services Sector Education and Training Authority) accredited procurement training company is launching five brand new courses in affiliation with CIPS (UK) (The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) and, IPSA (The Institute of Procurement and Supply, South Africa).

Margaret Richings, Sales Director at Commerce Edge told Smart Procurement that “These courses will provide delegates with a fresh selection of subjects that are essential to education and training for procurement professionals in the global economy.  All these courses (along with any other CIPS course) are available on an in-house as well as on a public basis. ”

The programmes include:

Storage and Distribution:  CIPS Level 5
This programme is designed to enable delegates to identify the major areas of concern in effectively managing stores and distribution throughout the supply chain.  Much focus falls on the necessity of goods being moved through the supply chain to customers at the right time, in the right condition, to the right place and at the right cost.

AIMS of this course include:

  • Becoming familiar with the objectives and scope of stores and distribution;
  • Dealing with distribution planning and the movement of goods;
  • The warehousing and storage of goods;
  • Controlling stores and distribution, and
  • Evaluating the role of information and communication technology (ICT) through all processes.

Finance for Purchasers:  Level 6
This course is specifically designed for purchasing managers that are responsible for achieving the strategic corporate goals of their organisations.

Delegates will come away with two main strands of knowledge, namely: 

  • A thorough understanding of the strategic aspects of finance in relation to the decision-making process; and
  • The detailed analysis essential to delivering effective procurement across the organisation.

AIMS for this course include:

  • Assessing different financial management tools;
  • Evaluating the financial and non-financial factors involved in the decision-making process;
  • Developing and managing budget and, cost management control;
  • Delivering effective capital purchasing plans, and
  • Managing the financial risk in procurement.

Leading and Influencing in Purchasing:  Level 6
Delegates that attend this course will gain a thorough understanding of the role of a leader, how a leader may be received by others and how to influence people within a business environment.

Aims for this course include:

  • How to lead and manage in the purchasing environment;
  • How to lead and influence the supply chain;
  • How to develop a culture of productivity through people management, and
  • How to lead the complex issue of change within the supply chain.

Legal Aspects in Purchasing and Supply:  Level 6
This course focuses on familiarising delegates with the law as it relates to the purchasing function.

AIMS for this course include:

  • Becoming familiar with Contract Law;
  • The sale and supply of goods and services, including third party rights and obligations;
  • Specific regulations that affect the purchasing function;
  • Intellectual property rights; and
  • International trade.

Strategic Supply Chain Management:  Level 6
In practice the supply chain manager is responsible for specific activities and processes which can contribute to achieving corporate strategic goals.  This course will provide delegates with a specific understanding of the strategic aspects of supply chain management.

AIMS for this programme include:

  • Analysing the concept of strategy and, the process of developing a corporate strategy;
  • Managing change processes directed towards achieving a corporate strategy;
  • Understanding the contribution of strategic supply chain management in the context of corporate strategy;
  • Evaluating concepts that underlie strategic supply chain management;
  • Assessing the concept and validity of the global supply market as a source of competitive advantage; and
  • Distinguishing and assessing various models of supply chain structures and relationships.

For more information regarding the above or for a comprehensive calendar of other Commerce Edge procurement training courses, kindly note the contact details below or contact Margaret Richings direct on (021) 701-3889 / 082 533 2778 or email her at

Carine Snyman

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