AletSnyman_100.jpgA senior buyer for the natural sciences portfolio at the University of Pretoria (UP) who is conducting research for her Doctoral thesis is calling for participants to complete a survey.

Alet Snyman, a seasoned procurement practitioner of 20 years, is completing research investigating the relationship between project success and entrepreneurial performance.

Alet is a registered Doctoral student (1285025) with the Department of Business Management at UP.

“It is the combination of my education and experience within the field of procurement that affords me the insight into investigating these two similar but segregated fields of study. Procurement affords one the ability to interact not only with internal customers but also with the suppliers who are providing the procurement professional with the ability to facilitate the entrepreneurial opportunities within project parameters,” says Snyman.

Describing the objective of the study, Snyman says that change, innovation, and entrepreneurial action ought to form the ethos of organisational transformation to be relevant, successful, and more so, to survive the very turbulent economic environment they perform in. While projects drive business innovation and implement strategic changes to achieve a competitive advantage, there is a gap in contemporary literature that has not definitively studied the relationship between entrepreneurship and project practice.

It is therefore the objective of this study to give context to the formative power of project success to analyse corporate entrepreneurial performance from a different and dynamic perspective.

Snyman is calling for participation from business owner/entrepreneurs, executive management, senior/top management, project managers and functional managers in South Africa who play an important decision-making role relating to their organisation’s strategic project practises. The organisation, in this context refers to engineering (mining, electrical, civil), information technology, professional services, financial and business services, and wholesale trade, and commercial agent’s services.

Completion of the survey takes approximately 30 minutes. Anonymity and confidentiality will be ensured.

Please note the following:

• Please contact the study supervisor, Prof. Jurie van Vuuren, if you have any questions or comments regarding the study
• 012 420 3401,,
• Alet can be contacted on 083 271 9323
• This is an anonymous study survey, as your name will not appear on the questionnaire
• The answers you give will be treated as strictly confidential as you cannot be identified in person based on the answers you give
• Your participation in this study is voluntary
• You may choose to stop participation at any time without any negative consequences
• Please answer the questions as completely and honestly as possible, this should not take more than 30 minutes of your time
• The results of the study will be used for academic purposes only and may be published in an academic journal
• The study supervisor can provide you with a summary of the findings on request

To complete the survey, go to this link: