Positioning yourself as a procurement leader in times of turmoil

In times of economic and political turmoil, consumers, employees and constituencies will always look to leadership for some level of direction. It is against this backdrop that the latest Edelman Trust Barometer is a cause for alarm as it details a steep decline in global trust in leadership.

However, Zach Mogotsi, Branch Manager of TechPro Personnel, tells SmartProcurement that this is the time for innovative Supply Chain leaders to shine.

History has shown that, when there is an economic crisis or turmoil as in the 2008 to 2009 recession, organisations will look to innovation to cut costs and increase their bottom line. Innovation has always been the foundation of a successful Supply Chain Management strategy and quality leaders are highly sought after in this environment at the moment.

“Tech-Pro has seen an increase in demand from its varied client base of large multinationals, government, consulting firms and others for quality and creative leadership,” says Mogotsi.

The most sought after leaders are those who can demonstrate that they have led their organisations’ supply chain management divisions through turbulent times and have an ability to ‘cut through the clutter’ to achieve sustainable cost saving targets and have contributed directly to their organisation’s bottom line. Such leaders would have led project teams and full supply chain business units, implemented global best practice and stood head and shoulders above their peers in similar environments.

Mogotsi advises leaders in supply chain management considering a move to detail all their experiences, as set out above, in their CVs, as it “would give their CVs more clout”.

Supply Chain Management is going through very interesting times at the moment as it is a continuously evolving sub-industry. If you are currently in an organisation that doesn’t allow for innovation in your supply chain division, there has not been a better time to consider a move, notes Mogotsi.

Tech-Pro Personnel has been committed to providing the Supply Chain and Procurement Industry with talent since 1997. It holds strong relationships with corporate South Africa. It contributes to the country’s goals of being more globally competitive through securing one of the country’s most in-demand talent for South Africa’s corporates.

SmartProcurement Leadership Forum coming on April 24, 2012

For more information about this forum, specially designed to identify best practises in procurement leadership, or to register, contact the forum co-ordinator on events@smartProcurement.co.za.

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