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ChristianBell_May2013.jpgCompanies often see print as a cost of doing business and have not made the move to optimise their print management. However, simply taking that first step with the right print management partner can produce surprising and staggering outcomes, Christian Bell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Point, told SmartProcurement.

There is no doubt that managing print is a complicated task for most companies and as a managing director, financial director, marketing manager or procurement manager, directing your way through your organisation’s print quagmire can be a heavy load to carry.

Printing can be complex as it is often fragmented within an organisation; with each department buying its own print from its own suppliers for its own specific print-product needs, said Bell. The Human Resources department will require different print products to the Marketing Department that will be printing point of sale items, promotional products and branded materials for example.

However, it is possible to enjoy a highly efficient print process by working with an experienced print management company, says Bell. “Key to a print manager ensuring that your organisation reaps the rewards of a controlled and streamlined workflow is the application of efficient technology, a robust process and the right people to do the job.” Getting these elements right with a print management company during the procurement process will result in enormous benefits for your organisation.

According to an Aberdeen Group Report, 33% of all print purchases represent wasteful spending, including rush fees, overruns, safety stock inventory and general waste*. In addition, existing company processes and structures may hinder efficient printing; certain factors should be considered in your decisions regarding printing and the management thereof:

Most companies do not use the right technology to manage the progression of print work. This means that there is no reliable data to reveal results, track real costs or offer transparent information that can be used to the benefit of the company.

It is also very likely that many companies today have a limited internal skills set to manage the entire process. Even if a company has a knowledgeable print buyer on the payroll, they may be restricted by the rapid development of industry capabilities and technologies and may not know what is now possible.

This limitation, added to resource or capacity constraints in each department (as each needs to focus on its core business), means that there is the possibility that your company surrenders full control of the printing to an outside source who may not fully appreciate your company’s budget restraints, brand considerations or internal key performance obligations. This can result in negative consequences such as quality control issues, rushed work, unforeseen re-prints owing to design and copy or printing mistakes, late delivery and more.

Today, printing is not only about sending a job to a printer best suited to your company and the job, it’s also about implementing a strategy that ensures competitive costs and maintains a high level of printing quality, speed to market, efficient repositories of easily accessible print-ready artwork and transparent and professional reporting and auditing.

For more information on selecting a print management company contact Christian Bell on

*The Aberdeen Group is a provider of fact-based business intelligence research


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