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advancement.jpgCommerce Edge Academy (CEA), a registered study centre for the internationally recognised CIPS qualification, is pleased to congratulate students on their achievements during the November CIPS Examiniations.

CEA has been assisting students  from various business sectors such as IT, Telecomms, Manufacturing and Financial Services to combine after hours studies with their daily occupations.

The bulk of students in the South African context only started their CIPS studies last year. We look forward to a large group of students completing levels towards the end of 2011, Mr Ronald Mlalazi, Education Manager at CEA, told SmartProcurement.

Although more than 240 individuals are studying through Commerce Edge Academy (CEA) and have passed subjects during the last exam, the following individuals have completed entire levels.

Results coming in:

Many of the results of the November exams are still coming in however, the following candidates have formally  achieved their goal of completing entire CIPS levels:

Levels passed:

Commerce Edge congratulates the following indivdiduals in succesfully completing Level 4:
Jomarda Van der Wal (CEA student)
John Bayenzaki (MTN Uganda)
Raheem Adebayo (MTN Nigeria)
Ivy Junaid (MTN Nigeria)
Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies (MTN Nigeria)
Felix Ogwudile (MTN Nigeria)
Epie Marie (MTN Cameroon)
Josephine Foriki (MTN Cameroon)

Commerce Edge congratulates the following indivdiduals in succesfully completing Level 5:

Lartey Gift-Love (MTN Ghana)
Peruth Ntegeka (MTN Uganda)
Irene Kalema Nematovu (MTN Uganda)

Dr Ernst van Biljon small.jpgRonald M_Studio_Photo_100709.JPGOn behalf of Dr. Ernst van Biljon, CEA Director; Ronald Mlalazi, CEA Education manager and tutor; and Linah Thaba, CEA Registrar, SmartProcurement congratulates these students for their hard work and dedication.

“It was a very good venture. I really, really encourage everybody to attend. No regrets” – MTN Uganda Student

“It was a live class room experience. I wish it could be repeated on a weekend, not a working day. By that we can concentrate. Many thanks to Ronald, who has been super.” – MTN Ghana Student

“It was so interesting and easy to understand. I encourage all of MTN’s CIPS students to attend this
special way of lecturing.” – MTN Rwanda Student

“It is not easy, but like President OBAMA says, “YES WE CAN”. I’m now ready to pass the exam” – MTN Guinea Conakry Student

“CEA’s revision sessions were a gift to us. The revision has helped me and I suppose the others as well. We have benefitted from the excellent knowledge and teaching skills of Ronald. We also enjoyed a classroom atmosphere even though we were far from each other. We definitely moved miles away from where we would have been if this didn’t happen. Thanks to MTN Academy; many thanks Ronald” – MTN Rwanda Student

“It was a very interesting experience for me. I was stressed before the revision workshop, but finally I liked this way of making revision. I have the opportunity to meet virtually my tutor and the others MTNers engaged in this adventure. I really encourage the other MTNers who are not comfortable to participate because they are French speakers, don’t be afraid, Ronald takes care of us (Special thanks).” – MTN Cote D’Ivore Student

Procurement departments provide the ideal career pathLinah Thaba.jpgfor individuals fresh out of school or college and keen to make their mark in the engine room of the national economy. These technical disciplines are essential to and practised throughout commerce, government and industry, and provide a future ladder stretching from administrators and buyers through to purchasing and sourcing managers, chief procurement officers and supply chain directors.

Yet the only way to get on that road is to acquire the necessary competencies and skills, which requires diligent study together with many hours of practical experience.

Commerce Edge Academy is registered study centre for the internationally recognised CIPS qualification. For more information on registering to study through Commerce Edge Academy email

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