Procurement database can now pin-point most suitable individual

CIPS Africa and the Database of Procurement professionals have combined their recruitment efforts and created the CIPS Database of Procurement Professionals™ (The Database).

The Database leverages the CIPS Competency Evaluation process and the Database of Procurement Professionals™, database operator André Basson told SmartProcurement.

“The Database of Procurement Professionals™ has for the past 15 months placed emphasis on candidates. However, linking the existing database to the CIPS Competency Evaluation process makes the Database significant to employers, who need to become aware of the recruitment benefits it will afford them,” explained Basson.

Furthermore, with SAQA’s formal recognition of CIPS Africa as the professional body for the procurement and supply profession in South Africa, the Database provides a forum to continue the professionalisation drive of the occupation with renewed vigour, says André Coetzee, MD of CIPS Africa.

How does it work?

The CIPS Database of Procurement Professionals™ comprises an information-rich database of procurement practitioners, mostly from South Africa, and a computer programme designed to evaluate each member’s procurement competence, based on a weight-and-value set (or score card) determined by the employer (or recruiter acting on behalf of the employer).

Employers looking for the ideal candidate need to reach a large section of the practitioners in South Africa. CIPS now offers this reach to employers and participating recruiters through the database component: with the formal recognition of CIPS Africa as the professional body for the occupation in South Africa, it is expected that the rapid growth in the southern African membership over the last two years (from 1 000 to 5 000 members) will be accelerated in months to come.

Once the ‘reach’ requirement has been satisfied, the next phase in any recruitment exercise involves the sifting process to identify the most suitable candidates – a tedious and time-consuming exercise at the best of times. The CIPS Competency Evaluation process removes much of this tedium.

The evaluation process acts like an electronic CV reader that the user can fine-tune to read a CV and evaluate it in the same way the reader would have done. It compares every ‘scoring answer’ (not all answers attract scores, some are there for filter purposes only) with the user’s perception of the answer’s value, applies a weighting to each section, and presents an overall score or ‘level-of-fit-value’.

When viewed in the comparison mode, the candidates are presented in descending order of fit. Filters may then be used to identify candidates for a specific requirement.

With CIPS Africa’s adoption of the Database, the professional body will encourage its members to join the Database and pay continued attention to their needs.

Should you wish to learn more about this service please contact André Basson at

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