Procurement Professionals happy with Pay.

Since it was launched three months ago, 463 procurement professionals have joined our forum. Vigorous debate (sometimes international) has commenced over posts such : “What do procurement professionals get paid?”, “The use of Purchasing Cards in government” and “Selling procurement to the organisation”.

Below is a collection of links pointing to the most popular (or perhaps controversial topics) during the past three months. (Please note that to access the discussion, you have to register on the forum. Registration is free.)
1. Procurement authorisation levels used in various organisations and industries
2. Supplier Performance Measurement – Self assessment.
3. Is procurement a strategic part of business, or a cost centre that can be outsourced?
4. Use of procurement cards in government
5. What do procurement professionals get paid? (Interestingly enough, 48% of respondents felt that Yes! Procurement is correctly remunerated)
Compiled by the forum adminstrator: Bernie van Niekerk

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