Procurement talent development solution launched

Local provider of World Class Procurement training, Commerce Edge, has launched a solution that enables Procurement Departments to initiate, manage and track the development of key World Class Procurement Skills.

"In the final analysis, people make the difference in achieving procurement objectives," Bernie van Niekerk, CEO of Commerce Edge, told Smart Procurement. "On the other hand, above all, development initiatives must produce the required business result, he says.

In addressing the development challenge, Senior Procurement managers need to answer the following questions:

1. “What are the appropriate competencies that my staff need to have to transform us to World-Class standards? “
2. “What are the appropriate competencies, at what level of person? – From the most junior person to the most senior.”
3. “How do we incentivise people to develop these competencies?”
4. “How do we track where people are at the moment, and what their year on year progress is?”
5. “How does the individual plan and self manage competency development so that organisational strategy is achieved?”
6. “When new people come on board how can we adequately assess them so that we are sure they actually have what it takes to support us?”
7. Which specific areas of competency need to be addressed so that we prioritise resources so that the company and individual development objectives are met?

The Commerce Edge Development Dialogue solution assesses Procurement Professionals according to more than 200 world-class procurement competencies, customised to be aligned with the Organisation’s skills matrix.


The diagram illustrates the ability to track how staff competency compare against their own goals as well as to what the company requires. 

Competency development on real data:

"This solution dovetails with a recent training product we launched that lets individuals be trained and assessed using the organisation's actual data. The idea is that once a person has his own development dialogue worked out, he / she can engage on improving various areas inside the business. Because actual data forms the baseline on which improvements can be measured, a person can update their competencies based on facts, " says van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk can be contacted on 0828887082 


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