Research study – supplier selection criteria in a B2B procurement environment


Selecting a supplier is one of the most nerve wracking, but crucial activities an organisation must undertake. Your suppliers will be delivering your direct purchases, those that you use to produce the products you sell, and your indirect purchases, those that keep your business running effectively.

When you select a potential supplier, you are selecting a partner in your business and you will trust them to work with you in a professional and profitable manner.

Much has been written and advised on the criteria you should be using, but Dr Myles Wakeham, senior lecturer, researcher and consultant at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology wants to know the criteria you actually use to choose a company that can supply your requirements now and for the near future.

Wakeham is conducting a research study concerned with identifying key supplier selection criteria in a business-to-business (B2B) procurement environment, and has requested that the readers of SmartProcurement complete a questionnaire and return it to him via email.

Respondents can request a copy of the abstract once the research has been concluded.

Wakeham’s publications include Supply Chain Management Strategy (EDUCOR) and Porter’s Value Chain a New Millennium Perspective. He is further interested in business strategy facilitation and supply chain integration tools such ERP and MRP.

Download the questionnaire.

For more information email Dr Myles Wakeham on

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