Supplier Relationship E- Management launched

One of the pillars of Strategic Sourcing is SRM (Supplier relationship management) – which is in this context, is process for building and management of enduring and sustainable supplier relationships. The delivery of quality products/ services on time every time at the right price is usually the result of a particularly sound relationship between the vendor and client.

A new electronic purchasing system designed to enable buyers to track the relationship with a contracted supplier on a daily and ongoing basis. The Ezee-Dex system has inbuilt SRM functionality which enables buyers to keep detailed e-records of all calls, e- mails and meetings.  

Des Heath, Managing Director Eezeedex tells SmartProcurement. that the SRM system allocates a client file to which connects all communications and record all interactions whether through voice or data exchange. For example, all invoicing and proof of payment can be archived directly in the supplier file. In this way buyers build up a solid record of the relationship and, remove any guess- work. 

The system will file the master ( or head agreement) with all relevant parameters such as the duration of the contract and, the system will inform you- at any given point in time- what period remains on the contract and, will prompt you when it is time to re- new. 

This electronic tool provides buyers with several SRM controls and, the ability to leverage value from the relationship:

  • to find the supplier in question buyers need only search for the product or service in question and, Ezee-Dex will list the supplier;
  • you will then have instant access to the detailed record of the oranisation’s relationship with that supplier;
  • a constant electronic archive will be available of all exchanges of information that have taken place such as graphics, pdf’s and spreadsheets.

To have this kind of functionality available at the click of your mouse is a far cry from the days of a ‘ lever-arch-file’ relationship. Ezee-Dex provides procurement and supply departments with an extremely efficient and sophisticated, end- to- end supplier management capability. 

For a free demo of the system or, to obtain more information, simply click here.

Des Heath, Managing Director of EZEE DEX can be reached on Cell: 082 441 8022

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