The FSCMA – Umbrella Body for Supply Chain Management Organisations formed

The Institute of Purchasing and Supply South Africa (IPSA) is a founding member of the UMBRELLA ORGANISATION FOR SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONS

Various professional associations and societies representing individuals and companies in the Supply Chain Management environment signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to establish the Federation for Supply Chain Management Associations (“FSCMA”). According to the MOU, the “purpose of the FSCMA” is:

  • To collectively enhance the Supply Chain Management (“SCM”)
    profession in South Africa to the benefit of all SCM stakeholders and
    personnel, which includes but is not limited to (1) identifying and
    pursuing growth opportunities; and (2) fostering co-operation among
    it’s members to gain access to, maintain and improve relationships with
    government, parastatals and the private sector and, to promote the
    interests of SCM countywide;
  • To co- ordinate and align
    communication with the public- and private sectors on matters
    pertaining to education , skills development , and other SCM related
  • To create awareness of the potential contribution that the SCM principles can make to South African economic growth;
  • To
    co-ordinate the activities of the Member Organisations in order to
    prevent conflics of interest and, duplication of functions and roles.

The stated intention of FSCMA is to act as a co- ordinating body that facilitates value-adding interaction. Specific projects will be identified from time-to-time and executed with the appropriate resource structures. The first major initiative, i.e. to develop a Roadmap for SCM training accreditation has already commenced.

The signatories, who constitute the working committee tasked to frame the constitution for the FSCMA , included:

  • IPSA: Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • SAAFF: South African Association of Freight Forwarders
  • SAEPA: SA Express Parcel Association
  • SAPICS: The Professional Society for Supply Chain Management
  • Southern African Roundtable of the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (SAR of CSCMP)
  • Smart Card Society of South Africa (AFRITAG)

The FSCMA is a non-exclusive body and other interested parties are invited to join the alignment initiative. It is likely that the membership structure will allow for Associate Memberships, to make it possible for related Industry Associations and other professional bodies with an interest in supply chain management, to participate as observers only- where appropriate. The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) and Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering (SAIIE) are already participating on this basis.

Comments from key FSCMA role players:

The President of IPSA, Karen van Vuuren (also CPO of Transnet) said that the FSCMA provides an opportunity for professional bodies to do what we expect business should do in the supply chain environment – viz; break down silos and work together for the benefit of the country.
Director of SAPICS, Cobus Rossouw (also CEO of Volition Consulting Services) said that the FSCMA provides the opportunity to leverage the strengths of the different associations to make a meaningful contribution to the supply chain management profession in South Africa.
President of SAIIE, Ralph Gunn, said that Industrial Engineers have made a significant contribution to the supply chain profession and the FSCMA provides an opportunity to leverage the symbiotic relationship between the professions.

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