Adriane Yvette Naidoo In celebration of Women’s Month and the fabulous women in our industry, SmartProcurement profiles Adriane Yvette Naidoo from Visa.



Full name Adriane Yvette Naidoo
Position Head of Sourcing (Sub Saharan Africa)
Your organisation’s procurement expenditure $8Bil/per annum
Who does P & SM report to The CFO
Private sector or public sector Private sector
Core business activity of the enterprise FinTech
Number of people in your P & SM organisation Approx. 180
Management motto Integrity is everything!
Personal motto No matter who you are, what colour you are or where you come from,
our World is a place for everyone, and everyone deserves a place in our World.
Professional bodies membership IFPSM (International Federation of Procurement and Supply Chain)
What is your vision for P & SM? Accelerate and dissect supplier diversity further by creating greater focus on Women- and Black Women-Owned companies across multiple sectors – driven by women in procurement in particular – to channel innovative solutions and create a competitive supplier environment. To ensure the way we operate is consistent and collaborative in both our teams and within the business. Continuously fostering a solid and sustainable foundation with our business stakeholders.
Personal best achievement Being a mum, wife, sister, daughter, colleague and friend in a demanding
21st century is a daily personal achievement for me.
Most important commodities Payments Facilitator
The person who has had the biggest influence on your life I have two – my husband and my mum
The person who has had the biggest influence on your career Ovais Abbasi, my 1st Procurement Manager who taught and coached me on the
foundational grounding of procurement.
Person/s you would most like to meet Two women in particular – Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris
What do you like most about your job? I love a constant challenge, which is what Procurement is all about. I enjoy meeting people with whom I get acquainted daily, from diverse backgrounds and walks of life and working with a team which is always collaborative and willing to share knowledge and learnings without insecurities. What I love the most is that at Visa we enable even the smallest businesses to grow and connect with larger networks and uplift them even in tiny communities.
Is there anything you dislike about your job? None. I am blessed daily to work for one of the leading payment giants on the globe which constantly develops and creates opportunities for everyone, everywhere.
Businessperson who has impressed you the most Throughout my 16 years there have been many who have impressed me. I cannot justify merely mentioning one or two names. Their impression on me has resonated over the years in my career path and development, more specifically as a woman in procurement.
Favourite quote Be authentic, you cannot be anything else.
Your favourite South African organisation CHOC
Your favourite global organisation NASA
Your philosophy about life Be grateful for what you have. The more you wish for, is the little that someone else wishes they had. Wake up each morning and decide that you choose to be happy; don’t let others determine your happiness for you.
Favourite reading History novels (Last Book Read: Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne)
Favourite music Christian
Favourite sport Football and tennis
Favourite website Google
Hobbies Writing poetry
Married 22 years this July (22 in the year 2022!)
Children 1 Boy (10) and 1 Girl (7)