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SmartProcurement keeps procurement and inbound supply chain professionals connected, informed, up-to-date and at the top of their game

Over more than 18 years, we have become one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders. More than 2 500 departments and 25 000 procurement professionals depend on SmartProcurement as the go-to source for the latest news and information impacting our profession, as well as networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and education to improve and advance procurement practices.

Our aim is to ensure that Africa keeps pace with the latest global trends and best practices in procurement, and through our communications platforms, training and development initiatives, we drive the continuous improvement of African inbound supply chains.

SmartProcurement’s online communications and media channel publishes the latest news relevant to our audience, as well as carefully collated content and articles on groundbreaking new developments in procurement processes, skills sets, strategies, solutions, techniques, technologies and tools. Our careers portal features job opportunities and provides a vital link between organisations and procurement professionals.

Published monthly, our SmartNewsletter reaches more than 25 000 subscribers. They are active in the national supply chains of medium to large organisations in the private and public sectors, including all spheres of commerce and industry, all tiers of Government, Parastatals and State Owned-Enterprises. Their designations range from, Chief Procurement Officers, Commodity and Contract Managers to Supply Chain Management , Sourcing Analysts, Transformation Specialist, Enterprise Supplier Development and BEE Supplier Officers.

SmartProcurement is certified as a Level 1 BEE Contributor.

About Us - Bernie van Niekerk

Procurement leaders today have more responsibility than ever before.

Procurement now encompasses much more than just administration. There is no question that it is a strategic function. Procurement leaders in South Africa have the power not just to impact the business’s bottom line and financial success, but to drive economic growth and social upliftment. We need talented, skilled, knowledgeable and qualified procurement professionals more than we ever have. This is where SmartProcurement comes in, bringing you the latest news, trends and training to empower you, our vital procurement personnel, and to ensure that you succeed and add value in this exciting, dynamic and increasingly important profession.

Bernie van Niekerk, Publishing Editor

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