nick2-web.png An e-Procurement platform that connects sellers of flowers with purchasers through a number of unique and interesting features and capabilities has been launched by SA Florist. "World-class technology aside; at the core of the business is the relentless pursuit of community upliftment, championing the underdog and providing artisans with equal access to customers that they would never previously have thought possible,  Nicholas Wallander, Managing Director SA Florist, told SmartProcurementI.


The e-Procurement tool allows organisations to have its own ‘In-house’ floral and gifting shop with all of the features and control that your procurement and finance teams demand, while still supporting local florists who deliver each and every product with Integrity", says Wallander.

The SA Florist tool enables Corporate buyers to:

•  Browse products based on sellers’ location and delivery capabilities (local, regional, international).
•  Load and manage multiple Departments, Cost Centres and Users within your account. Assign Budgets, Limits and Approval Hierarchies on various levels.
•  Limit the products that users can view and purchase. Confirm the validity of the delivery address (Google Maps and Elastic Database).
•  Assign orders to your monthly account.
•  View past and current orders and Tax Invoices.
• Send to recipients already in your address book (recipients’ details are stored unless requested not to).
•  Pay by credit card with one click if you elected to have your credit card details securely saved, or simply add it to your corporate account.
•  Be informed by text and email of the status of your order and delivery.
•  Keep us and our partners on their toes by rating your experience once the order have been delivered. This rating is combined with a number of other metrics to produce an overall rating for the Seller and the particular Product.

"As an empowered supplier itself, SA Florist’s shareholding is made up of a diverse mix of African entrepreneurs. The company is 40% owned by Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI’s) and will soon be 30% owned by black women. SA Florist will be a level three BBBEE supplier under the new codes," Walander concludes.

For more information on how e-procurement can power flower purchases contact Matt Surkont.