Leadership profile: Shiraz Sarang

ShirazSarang.jpgThis month SmartProcurement profiles Shiraz Sarang, Chief Procurement Officer at Nedbank South Africa

Full name : Shiraz Sarang

Position : Chief Procurement Officer

Your organisations’ procurement expenditure  : R12-billion per annum

Who does P & SM report to : Chief Financial Officer

Private sector or Public sector : Private

Core business activity of the enterprise : Financial Services

Number of people in your P & SM organisation : 67

Management motto : Anything’s possible.

Personal motto : Never give up on any dreams and aspirations

Membership of professional bodies : CIPS, IISA

What is your vision for P & SM : To elevate the profession to occupy a seat at Exco or Board level

Personal best achievement : Total cost of ownership reductions in excess of R200 million in one year

Most important commodities : Professional Fees, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology, Communications, Logistics and Travel

The person that has had the biggest influence on your life : My kids and mum

The person that has had the biggest influence on your career : Toni Sanders (Firstrand)

Person you would most like to meet : Dalai Lama

What do you like most about your job : Diversity and excitement the job brings. We are faced with constant and revolutionary change. Purchasing and supply professionals can play a significant role in the environment we find ourselves in – ambiguous and uncertain times.

Is there anything you dislike about your job : Nothing I can think of.

Businessperson who has impressed you most : Elon Musk

Favourite quote : “When you talk, you are only repeating what you know; but when you listen, you learn something new” – Dalai Lama
“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Your favourite South African organisation : Nedbank

Your favourite global organisation : Paypal

Your philosophy about life : If one has the right attitude and priorities, nothing can come in one’s way.

Favourite reading : Moby Dick

Favourite music : R & B

Favourite sport : Golf

Favourite website : Takealot.com

Hobbies : Sport, reading, travelling

Car : Mercedes

Married : Divorced

Children : 2

Twitter handle : @ShirazsSarang

Facebook : Shiraz Sarang


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