New Web technology speeds up and simplifies sourcing of MRO requirements


RS Components South Africa, a well-known global distributor of industrial products have successfully undertaken the task of upgrading their e-Procurement website to streamline the sourcing process for more than 300 000 MRO items.  New technological advancements enable users to quickly find the product searched for and take advantage of price competitive product promotions.

The most noticeable changes include: A vastly improved web search functionality, a slicker online ordering process and the increased speed at which product and/or technology changes are updated.  The two main advantages to users are, (1) quickly finding the required product, and (2) the online processing of orders.


1.  Finding the required product
The new powerful search functionality allows the user to find what they need quickly by using a variety of methods. By entering, for example, the “Manufacturer’s Part Number” or “Unique Stock Code” website shoppers are swiftly and directly taken to the product that they are looking for.  If searching is based on product description, attributes or brands; users will find that their selection process is also vastly simplified.  Lastly, user tools include visible product group lists, product pictures and up to 11 product attributes that further aid in choosing the right product, the first time.

2.  Placing your order online
When the user decides on the required product, they can in a single click add the product to their online order form and then, if they so choose, continue browsing.  Where stock numbers are available they can simply be added to the online order form without further searching.

For added flexibility and convenience, there is also a “quick order” option that allows the user to “copy & paste” on the order form. Thus, as users progress with their order they have the option to continue adding products by (a) typing their details, (b) by using the “copy & paste” option, or (c) by using a combination of both methods.

Online registration
For “first-time” users the login process is simple and merely requires your username and password in two easy steps. Once a user has completed this registration process they are able to place their orders online, as well as build and save parts lists, thereby saving time on future orders.

For further information contact the RS Components Technical Help Line on 086 000 7772 or email


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